Logo Design Process: 7 Best Tips and Tricks

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September 29, 2021/

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The logo is the most crucial element for a business, as it is considered the face value and represents its products or services. The designers follow different approaches, which involve several steps for preparing a logo design that possesses the power to captivate the audience’s attention. However, many people don’t take this job seriously, as they aren’t aware of the importance of logos for their brands. It is essential to know that without a logo design, your business will never be able to make its position in the market as there is tough competition everywhere.

If you look around your niche and recall the renowned brands, you must agree that alongside their names, the logos are also popping in your mind. The same is the situation with your targeted audience! If you want to be remembered for a long time and earn loyal customers, you must follow the right practices to design an eye-catching logo design that resonates with your brand. So what’s involved in the logo design process? How should you get started? If these questions are making you curious, then continue reading this blog till the last, as we are going to uncover the 7 best tips and tricks. Let’s get started with the initial step of the logo design process!

1. Discover Industry

Mostly, the designers don’t pay heed to the research area, but without it, you cannot generate a logo design that can do wonders for your brand. Therefore, before picking any tool or software, conduct in-depth research of your niche. However, you cannot look into your niche’s behavior and demand without knowing your brand fully. Hence, you need to figure out the targeted audience for the product or service you’re offering.

Once you’re done with it, now you can look into the industry and understand the practices that capture the attention of the targeted audience. This phase will help your mind find a walk-through towards designing a logo that will allow your business to become the center of attention in no time. During this step, you will come across several questions that need to be answered for designing the best logo.

2. Extensive Competitor Research

Although you would be aiming to do something extraordinary that will give you an edge over the competitors, you still need to conduct competitor research to understand the norms being followed in the industry. The competitor research will help you in getting your hands on visual information, i.e., their logo designs. This information will be vital in generating your own ideas, which is the next step in the logo design process. With extensive competitor research, you can learn about the elements of logo design that you need to focus on while designing your own logo. Without following this step, you will never be able to get on the track and hunt down the details that will aid you in designing an emblem.

3. Create Mood Boards with Ideas

With this step, you will get started with the actual logo designing journey. The previous steps will help you discover everything related to your brand, niche, and competitors. With the information you have gathered, it’s time to start thinking over the ideas that can help you design mockups for the business’s logo. As a designer, ideas will start popping into your mind once the research phase has been completed. Therefore, the next step you need to take is to create mood boards with the ideas you have gathered. Mood boarding is basically the exercise to collect all visual materials that help a designer in communicating the feel of an idea. The mood boards allow a designer and the client to narrow down their focus towards the demanded objective.

4. Turn Ideas into Sketches

The ideas roaming in your brain are of no use until you bring them to life. Instead of getting started directly with software, you should sketch out the ideas you have for the logo design. A designer cannot stay creative for long without brainstorming his/her ideas. Therefore, sketching a variety of on-paper ideas is essential for a designer, as they can be turned into the required logo design with the consultation of the business owner. Sketching is a preferred action for designers, as it is rapid and free of cost. You won’t be wasting your time or spending money while sketching rough mockups for the logo design you’re working on.

5. Translate Sketches into Digital Designs

In the previous step, you might have compiled a copious amount of sketches. Now you need to turn them into digital designs and figure out the best one for your business. For doing this step, you will need to use a tool or software like Photoshop. You don’t have to translate all of your sketches; instead, just pick out the best sketches and see how they will be perceived digitally.

By transforming your sketches into digital logo concepts, you can easily pick out the design that seems aesthetically pleasing and fully resonates with the brand. In this step, you can try out different colors and fonts before settling on the perfect one, make sure that you use best recommended fonts for logo. While working on the design, you don’t have to rush up things. It’s essential to take it slow and steady to demonstrate all of your creativity.

6. Refine the Design

Up till the previous step, you have gotten your hands on the logo that is perfect for the business. But still, there could be some loopholes or shortcomings that you might not be able to see yourself. Here, you need to take review and feedback from the fellows or the individuals with design knowledge. After taking the feedback, understand the changes or alterations other people are suggesting. Once you know how other people are perceiving your designed logo, you can make the required changes and bring your design towards perfection.

7. Prepare the Final Draft

Last but not least step in the logo design process is the preparation of the final draft. In this step, make sure to prepare variations for your logo design, which can include black, white, and monochrome. Moreover, prepare high-resolution raster files and PNGs with transparent backgrounds. The font you are using in the logo design must be outlined, as you might wish to continue with the same style for future branding of your company.

Bottom Line

That’s all about the design process that can help you craft an amazing logo design for your business. Each of the steps discussed above carries utmost importance; therefore, you must not miss out on any of them. By following this process and choosing a right logo creator, you can improve your brand image and portray yourself as a strong contender even in a tough marketplace. 

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