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Logo fonts are imperative to consider; they can break or make a logo. There’s no doubt that the right typography will surely help you out in amplifying your brand’s story. However, if you are using the wrong fonts, then it could spell trouble for you. You can find thousands of fonts out there, but using the one that can make a difference is quite tricky. There won’t be any designer that would deny the fact that typography in brand identity is substantive. Besides color schemes and shapes, fonts are the ones that surely express your brand’s identity. Therefore, all the contemporary brands are conscious and cognizant of the fonts they choose. Established brands prefer to use bespoke fonts to build a distinct identity. Minimalist and clean designs base themselves on simplistic approach typography. In the design concept, minimalism is driven by the idea that less is more. The minimalist approach in designing a logo leads you to strip down it to only essential elements and what is left is a simple but attractive design without any additional embellishments. 

Moreover, most fonts seem to be dazzling, but sometimes they lose their attractiveness. Previously we have discussed such kind of Top 6 Confusing Fonts That Should Be Avoided at Any Cost. Nevertheless, there are a wide array of fonts that could be awe-inspiring. You can alter and modify those logo fonts in a multitude of ways to give out a unique look to your brand. Picking up the right font for your company or brand’s logo could be fiddly, but you’ll have to make a choice wisely. 

How to Choose Logo Fonts? 

Before anything else, you need to determine the personality of your brand. You will have to explore how your brand sounds and feels to your audience. Afterwards, start digging out the fonts that resemble and evoke the same feelings and thoughts. You would love to know that there are plenty of font types, and everyone has a different story to spark in the mind of the audience. 

How Many Fonts Can Be Used in a Logo? 

The ideal recommendation is to use no more than 2 to 3 fonts in a logo. It will also develop an inconsistency in your logo design, and it will look way more chaotic. Along with that, the textual content also determines the number of fonts. You need to choose one font for the main brand name and the rest for the tagline or the description. 

How to Combine Logo Fonts? 

If you’re looking ahead to combine logo fonts, you have to make sure that all the fonts complement each other. Firstly, pick one font style for the main brand name. It should reflect the overall appeal of your brand’s core ambition. Additional fonts need to be subtle and elusive. It would be a good choice to combine subdued sans-serif font with statement font. You can also use the same font with a different style, like combining it in the form of bold, italic, or caps. However, you need to avoid statement fonts like slab serifs with serifs. 

Let’s get to know about the best Logo font styles.

Best Recommended Logo Fonts to Use

1.        Bodoni 

The Bodoni typeface appeared when typeface designers were experimenting with the contrast of thin and thick type characteristics. Bodoni was the extreme form of this experiment, and it became a dramatic font. Many famous brands have used this typeface, like Calvin Klein and Vogue. It would be a great typeface for fashion brands. You will also feel a similarity between the Bodoni and Didot family of typefaces because they were invented at the same time. However, the Bodoni style surely has its own uniqueness. 

Bodoni Fonts

2·        Garamond

Garamond is an umbrella term for typefaces. The common iterations we come across these days are interpretations of alphabets, and they were designed by Jean Jannon and Claude Garamond back in the 16th century. The appearance of the typefaces that fall under Garamond is elegant. Every letter is crafted in a way that gives a unique touch. It also gives a sophisticated touch to the typography. It is more likely recommended for companies dealing with export and import business or other similar businesses. 

Garamond Fonts

3·        Didot 

Before Didot was introduced as a typeface, it was the name of a French family composed of printers. The family created many versions of the font, and one of them was used in the Giorgio Armani logo. The high contrast in line thickness makes it look appealing. The font style could be witnessed in the logos of the fashion industry. It looks elegant when used with high contrast colors. 

Didot Fonts

4·        Walk On

Walk On was designed by Hanson Chan. It was originally created for the corporate brand Wang & Lynch. Chan intended to depict a radical perspective. The subtle ornamentation with a blend of simple shapes and retro feel creates a sense of flexibility in this font style. The font style is widely used by brands and businesses in their logos. If you are looking to have a simple yet ornamented logo, then this could be your choice. 

Walkon Fonts

5·        Glober 

The typeface is popular for excellent legibility, and it has wide language support along with case-sensitive punctuations. However, it is a classical font, but the clean outlines and perfect geometric formation give it a cozy touch. The font style is trendy, and people are in love with it. If you want to sound more technical, then it could be the one that you need to opt for. Many mainstream brands are using this typeface in their logos. 

Glober Fonts


We are pretty much sure that you’ve got enough knowledge about typography styles. Now, you will be able to decide which font style goes best for your brand. If you have a keen eye, you would be able to find the perfect typography style. However, choosing the right one helps you out in making stunning and attractive logos. You would have to be conscious and well-versed while making decisions related to branding because it decides the future of your brand. On you can try different styles and choose the one that looks more alluring and enthralling . 

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