How It Works

Logo making was never a swift process. But you have arrived at the right place to craft a perfect logo that can truly depict your ideas, concepts, and objectives. You may find a lot of Logo Maker utilities but, we’re pretty sure, you would never find such a marvelous logo making utility.

Fundamentals to Follow

In this competitive world, logo design has become the most significant element for every business, as, without a logo, potential customers won’t be able to recognize your brand, and it will not have any chances to grow. Some principles need to be followed for doing any job in the best manner, and similar is the case with logo designing. The four basic ground rules that you need to follow for designing a logo for your business are:



Brainstorm or identify your design/idea/needs

Don’t start designing a logo without any idea. It is essential to do brainstorming before you jump into designing a logo. At times, you’ll be having thousands of ideas popping in your mind. On the contrary, you might stay blank for hours, but not even a single idea comes your way. You have to choose the perfect time for brainstorming, i.e., when your mind is most creative.



Draw it on a paper

Before starting working on a project, it’s essential to draw a rough sketch of it. After brainstorming ideas of designing a logo, it’s time to put them on a piece of paper. Even most of the professional designers use this approach as it helps them in balancing and sequencing the creative ideas about the logo design they are going to create. With this tactic, you won’t be distracted while actually designing a logo as all steps and design features will be in front of you on a paper.


Design your ideal logo using a logo maker

Now, it’s time to put life in the sketch you have created from your ideas. For this, you don’t need design software due to the availability of logo maker online service. It can help you in getting an ideal logo that you desire to have for your brand. With this tool, you will get your hands on premade logo templates that can be edited as you like. This whole process will not take more than 15 seconds, and if some template has matched exactly with your thoughts, then you can use it without any difficulty or facing any limitation.



Showcase it to the world

After designing a logo, it is time to check what your potential customers think about it. You can conduct and take personal reviews on the logo you have designed or ask for feedback through social media platforms. In both ways, you will get branded in the market, and people will start recognizing your brand with its logo. If things work with this plan, your business can become prominent even in a tough competition.


How to Make a Free Logo?

An online logo maker is the best way to design a free logo for your business. You don’t have to be a designer for using this service due to its easy to use interface and features. There are no complexities involved in using this tool, the entire logo designing process is pretty simple. You can make a free logo by following the steps mentioned below:


Logo selection

The first step in the process of making a free logo is the selection of a logo template. After accessing the web-based service for making a logo, several logo categories will be displayed that contain logo templates according to different industries, fields, and businesses. After choosing any of the categories, a number of attractive logo templates will appear from which you can select anyone that inspires you the most.


Edit logo

After the selection of a logo from any category, the edit logo window will open from where you can make changes to the template as per your requirements. After that, you can change the icon, color, and overlays of the logo. A logo can become more appealing with the application of overlays. The logo creator has alluring overlays for all of its users. Moreover, the colors of the icons can also be changed from the given list or color picker.


Change font & color

By clicking on the text option or selecting any text from the layers, change font & color options will appear. You can change the font’s typeface, style, alignment, and color of any text on the logo you are editing. The size of the text and its opacity can also be changed with this online tool. You can give your text a more attractive appearance with the help of a shadow feature. There is no restriction on the number of texts you can edit on a single logo and text can be added by clicking on the “Add Text” button.


Customize background

Background also has great significance in logo design. A perfectly fitting background in your logo will have more power to fascinate potential customers. With this utility, you can add a background of your own choice to the logo you are editing. This also offers its users to add different types of background, including solid color, gradient, and transparent. You aren’t limited to add backgrounds offered by this logo maker as it also allows you to import one from your device’s gallery.


Manage Layers

On the right side of the editing screen of this logo maker, you will see the layers. Each layer represents the icons and text on the logo you are editing. The layers make navigation easy for the users as they can click on any layer and start editing it. By clicking on the “eye” icon on any layer, you can make it visible or invisible. You can also delete a layer if you don’t want it on your design by tapping the “bin” icon.


Download/Save in PNG

As you have completed the logo design, you can download it by clicking on the save option on the top right corner of the editing screen. The logo will be saved in a zip file in the default downloads folder of your device. The logo will be saved as a high-quality PNG file. That’s how you can make and get a free logo. This whole process won’t take more than seconds. So, start using and designing free logos online.