Logo making was never a swift process. But you have arrived at the right place to craft a perfect logo that can truly depict your ideas, concepts, and objectives. You may find a lot of Logo Maker utilities but, we're pretty sure, you would never find such a marvelous logo making utility.

Business Categories

Business Categories are expressions that elaborate on the type of business a company is running. After landing on the “Business Space” page, you will be provided with a large bracket of business classes. Choose the one that supports the genre of your business and begin designing your logo without anyone’s assistance.

Logo Templates

There are thousands of templates waiting for you to choose from. This is where you will decide which template describes the purpose of your business. You will be directed towards the editing phase right after you click on one of the logos.

Edit Logo

This is where you will be showing your creativity with the aid of our provided tools. There is a separate section for every move. For instance, you can choose a different logo in the “Icon” menu and start designing from scratch. The “Icon” menu contains:

  • Logo
  • Streamlined logos in order to let you work with a different approach in case you didn’t like the sketch you made earlier. All the logos have separate layers, which means you can alter the image, text, and tag line according to your requirement.

  • Color
  • The color section in the icon in the options enables you to change the shade of a selected layer. Make sure the other layers are set to invisible when you are inserting color to a single stratum in the icon menu.

  • Overlay
  • It enables you to add a different tint to the icons. There are several overlays to choose from, which will give your sketch a unique blend of abstract art.

Add or Edit Text

In this menu, you can add different layers of text and adjust them accordingly. The option to “Add Text” enables you to create another layer, which you can hover, hold, and drag to a different location. Other options include:

  • Fancy Fonts & Size
  • More than a hundred font styles are available that you can select according to the adjusted text on the page. Find the right size for your added text by trying out different extents, or you can utilize the default set size.

  • Structure
  • The formation of text takes place in this area, and this is where you will be aligning and formatting text. You can move the text in a selected layer to the left, right, middle, and bold, stylize in italic or underline it. Emphasizing the text adds prominence, which means it can describe the tagline or nature of your business. A separate section for colors can be found here to add a tone to your writing.

  • Text Opacity & Shadow
  • You can alter the transparency of the inserted text, and make an addition of a shadow of the appended lines. All the elements in the text box will have a similar visual effect on their background, enabling it to look more notable.

    The shadow can be calibrated by moving the bars on the scale, found under the “Text Opacity” & “Shadow” options. The X and Y represent the horizontal and vertical position of the shadow.


A choice you have to make, you can add a BG from our extensive list in the gallery. Or you can upload one by tapping on the camera icon found in the “Background” menu.

  • Color Options:
  • You can adjust a plain color in case you don’t need an abstract drawing from the color menu. Or you can choose a gradient to give your context a distinctive expression.

Layers & More

The Layers list is located on the right side of the page from where you can turn them visible and invisible along with deleting them. There are options available at the top of the sheet to invert and change the angle of a selected object. A separate transparency option is embedded for changing the opacity of a selected icon.

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