Types of Logos and Best Places to Use Them

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A logo is a visual symbol that defines your business. People get attracted to your brand with its appearance, and a catchy logo plays a crucial part in an engaging audience with your business. It is your business logo that attracts people and helps you in making them your potential customers. Leading companies take it highly critical to have a stunning emblem for their brands, and therefore, they don’t hesitate to invest a massive amount of money in acquiring it.

Corporate businesses have witnessed tremendous success in the recent past. Now, companies have learned that it is inevitable to achieve a great position in the business sector without excellent branding. To get this task done, they make some exceptional efforts that can help them outshine their rivals. Designing a premium and exclusive emblem is one of the major demands of a business branding and companies that fail to achieve it have very little chance to get successful. One thing that is essential to state here is that you can’t use the same logo for different businesses. As it has mentioned, a logo symbolizes a business and defines its niche. You cannot use a food logo for a fashion brand. Therefore, it is vital to get a logo that resembles your business and relates to its working.

Feeling nervous? Well, you don’t need to!

We are going to uncover a few important types of logos and the best places to use them in this blog post. We suggest you to comprehensively read this article for a clear and excellent understanding of the topic.

Now, let’s start with the first logotype from our list without stretching it anymore!

Monogram logos

Monogram logos, also known as letter marks, are visual emblems that comprise letters, often brand initials. For instance, IBM, CNN, WWE, etc.  Are you noticing the pattern? Monogram logos are the ones that have two or three letters that are primarily the initials of a company’s name. These logos are easy to remember and effective at streamlining a business that has a lengthy title.

Where to Use:

Monogram logos are ideal for startups or small-scale businesses who want to get their name out and convey the purpose of their business. This type of logos is also beneficial for companies that have lengthy names. For instance, World Wrestling Entertainment can be hard for people to remember; instead, they can easily remember WWE.

Wordmark Logos

Just like monograms, a wordmark logo is a font-based emblem that emphasizes the company’s name. You might have seen various examples of wordmark logos in your surroundings. While talking about online platforms, Google is the biggest name that has a wordmark logo. A well-crafted word logo is beguiling and memorable; therefore, when attached with robust typography, the logo assists in making excellent brand recognition.

Where to Use:

Businesses with a unique and catchy name should try a wordmark logo to highlight the title for effective branding. Most famous fashion brands, food brands like Subway, and popular technology companies also have wordmark logos. The essence of a wordmark logo is in its font. You can pick any font style that can reflect your business personality. 

Abstract Logo Marks

The abstract logo is another type of logo that includes pictures or graphics. Unlike pictorial logos like Apple or Twitter have, abstract logos have a geometric form that defines your business’s purpose. The Pepsi divided circle, Nike Swoosh, or strip-y Adidas flower are few leading companies that prefer abstract logos. The primary purpose behind using an abstract logo is to denote a difference; the services you are offering or the products you have are unique and aren’t offered by anyone. In an abstract logo, you don’t need to add text or a picture like a pictorial emblem; instead, a powerful symbol will do the work and convey your purpose effectively.

When to Use:

If you have a business that offers various products, a well-crafted abstract mark can be the most suitable option for you. Abstract logos are best when you want to define that the services or products you are offering are exclusive. Another vital advantage of using an abstract logo is its versatility. You can use an abstract logo for your company’s advertising campaigns and on branded merchandise.

Pictorial Marks

As the title denotes, this logo is graphics-based and has a pictorial structure. You can discover numerous famous companies that use pictorial marks if you observe your surroundings. The world-famous tech company Apple logo or the Twitter bird are few notable examples of pictorial logos.

Where to Use:

If your company has a unique product or specializes in a service that you can easily represent through an image, then using a pictorial logo is ideal for you. Moreover, for the companies that have some traction or assist people in a particular field, pictorial logos will help them in effective branding. Haven’t you seen the logo of Twitter? The bird image denotes that the platform tweets and helps in communication.

Final Words

Appropriate branding is a vital aspect of a business that plays a significant role in its success. The logo is a crucial element that works as a catalyst in the brand’s promotion. A business requires a stylish and relevant emblem that can captivate people and lead them to their threshold. However, the relevance of a visual emblem with the business’s niche is a must. This blog will help you get familiar with different types of logos that enable you to pick the best emblem for your business that works effectively in conveying your business’s purpose.

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