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October 29, 2021/

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People are often curious to dig out various ways to start a business, which requires little to no investment. It is generally believed that starting a business would require coming up with heavy investment. The notion is true to some extent because there are many business ideas, which don’t require a high upfront cost, but all you would need is a focus-oriented approach. There is plenty of business, which could be regarded as less capital intensive. Even if you are going to start a side hustle with no investment, you would still have to work on building a strong brand identity and put extra effort into the marketing and customer service domain. Most of the startups are trapped in a bad situation due to the non-availability of funds. They need to fetch funds for logistics, warehouse, inventory, and inventory space. It becomes inevitable for them to circumvent these costs, but still, here we have discussed top 10 low investment business ideas that can make you a successful entrepreneur. 

1- Content Writing and Translation

Content writing is among the few services, which don’t require heavy investment. All you would need is to possess immaculate writing skills. In addition to that, multilingual people are always in demand. Therefore, if you are proficient in more than one language, then you need to start monetizing your skills. All you would need is to look for potential clients on platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, and Flexjobs. If you have only a few hours to spare in a day, then this would be the perfect option to go for. Additionally, you can also utilize social media to grab potential clients. Over here, you can build up a strong personal brand to penetrate into the consciousness of people. You would have to run paid campaigns to reach out to a maximum number of audiences. Therefore, the content writing and translation service could be regarded as one of the best low investment business ideas. 

2- Mobile App Development 

Mobile application development is one of the few skills that can truly fill your pockets with a heavy chunk of extra bucks. It is also among the small business ideas, which can surely prove to be lucrative. In addition to that, the cost of starting this business is quite low due to the availability of advanced high-end tools and affordable developers. There are plenty of software programs that can help you create mockups before submitting the application to clients. It would be a great source to use as a side hustle business. In addition to that, you can also publish the application on Play Store and AppStore. You can monetize your applications for generating revenue. Therefore, mobile app development is surely one of the best business ideas. 

3- Digital Event Planning 

If you are looking for a business where there is no need for investment, then digital event planning could be the one you can go for. The main purpose of the business would be to organize, plan, and report digital events like webinars or online summits. You can charge an hourly fee for the service you deliver. You can also sell sponsorships and more. If you have a dream to become an event planner, then that is the right option for you to go for. You can facilitate your inner feelings of being an event planner and earn extra bucks on the go. Therefore, the digital event planning business can be among the ones that can be started with low investment. 

4- Social Media Consultation 

 If you are well-versed about the secrets of social media, then you should consider becoming a social media consultant. The potential clients would outsource their social media handles to you. Your duties would be to respond to comments, creating attractive bios, and more. You would be able to make money by charging the client per hour for the project. If you want to be a digital nomad, then this would be the ideal job for you. First, however, you need to master the skill of creating killer social media ads. The best way to market your business would be freelance platforms. 

5- Affiliate Marketing 

Affiliate marketing is all about performance-based marketing tactics. It is about promoting the business of others, you would have to sell the products, and against that, they will pay you a certain amount of money. Every time you bring in a successful buyer, there would be a commission you would be paid by the business. You can promote the products or services on social media accounts, websites, and other platforms. It is a low-cost side hustle but can turn out to be a lucrative business. However, the commission rates vary upon the company and their offers. The commission starts from 5% to 50%, and it depends on the affiliate marketing program. 

6- Drop Shipping Business 

It is undoubtedly a laborious chore to start an ecommerce store. You would have to invest a lot of money in inventory. However, there’s a way out in this tough situation, and that is all about drop shipping. You would have to grab product details from an online store and add them to your platform; when a user places the order, it will be transferred to the original seller and receive a commission from it. It is the best way because there is no need to handle the products yourself. After getting a sale, you would need to pass on the order to the seller. It could be regarded as one of the cheapest and quickest businesses to start. The drop shipping business could be broad in terms of products, or it can be niche-oriented as well. 

7- Start a Pet Business 

It could be the best option to reap profits from a pet business. You would be amazed to know that the pet industry is worth $100 Billion. However, the business is the one to start. You can launch your business or two different models; one could be product-based, and the other might be service-based. It depends on the time and efforts you want to invest. You can sell pets, their foods, accessories, and other things, or it can be service-based by offering walking or training services. Therefore, the business is the best one to go for if you are thinking of starting one with a low investment. 

8- Coaching or Tuition Classes 

If you are well-qualified and have expertise in any particular subject, then it would be the best option to start coaching classes. All you would need is some chairs, a marker, duster, and your entire setup will be ready. You can teach foreign languages like French, German, Chinese and more. There is always a demand from professionals and students to learn a foreign language. The demand predictability of this domain is also stable, and you won’t find a downward graph in demand for the services. Therefore, the business is quite a good idea for anyone who wants to earn money without investing heavy chunks of money. 

9- Real Estate Broker or Agent 

How about earning mega chunks of money by becoming a real estate agent or broker. It surely sounds interesting; all you would need is to do a little research in the area you live in and start finding prospects for both commercial and residential properties. The business wouldn’t require you to invest a heavy amount of money. If you have good communication skills, then this would be the best domain to find and convince potential buyers and sellers of properties. You can earn a high commission and make the business profitable and lucrative. Therefore, it also falls under the umbrella of a low investment business. 

10- Interior Designing 

If you are an architect, then interior designing would be the best business to go for. Real estate is growing at a rapid pace all around the world. The industry is worth trillions. In this highly developing market, you would need to have a lot of options to explore. Interior designing is surely the business for you if your aesthetic sense is good enough. If you possess the skills to turn a house into a home, then interior designing would be the field you need to opt for. It also comes with little to no investment. Therefore, you wouldn’t have to worry about capital investment. 


Apparently, it seems that starting a business with low investment is quite tough. However, there are ways and business ideas that can help you stand out from others. The business mentioned above is not capital intensive, which is why everyone could go for it. However, you need to work on building a distinctive brand identity. You would need to work on the promotional and marketing material. In addition to that, you will also need a strong visual emblem for representing your brand or business for building a unique brand identity. In this regard, you can create a stunning logo by using our Logo Maker

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