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December 23, 2021/

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There might be a quest somewhere inside you to launch or level up your eSports logo for a gaming channel or a playable game. The foremost thing you need to do is design a stunning gaming logo because it is the baseline of any brand or business. The logo will sum up your eSports channel or game’s identity. Along with that, it will also assist you in building up a strong community that you are trying to build. Gaming is surely a growing industry, and it has several avenues to explore. Brand identity matters a lot, be it a physical or virtual business. Logos cannot be taken for granted, and it needs efforts to design a visual emblem, which can penetrate into the consciousness of the audience. The logo needs to ignite curiosity among the targeted consumers. The first step towards building up a whole brand experience is by making an attractive gaming logo. 

What Makes a Good eSports Logo?

An eSports logo needs to be distinctive, practical, and graphically appealing. The logo needs to be crafted in a way that it must convey your message explicitly. The concept and meaning of the logo need to be effective. In addition to that, the logo should be crafted in a way that it must be printed in all sizes on every medium. Along with that, it must not lose effectiveness without color. Many people often wonder that creating a good logo is difficult and requires herculean efforts. While creating a logo, you need to follow the design principles for standing out from others. A perfect logo is a mixture of thought and creativity, and there are several other elements that contribute to it. 

To understand what makes a great logo, there is a need to first comprehend the purpose of a visual emblem. The logo is surely a tool to condition your eSports business to a whole new level. The basic purpose of a logo is to represent a company and what it stands for. It is a simple pictorial representation of your gaming channel or playable game for letting the audience understand what you are up to. The logo must build a strong relation and communication channel between the potential and targeted audience and the brand. The logo is one of the mediums that can truly depict what your products and services are all about. It will even let the audience know about your vision and mission. Let’s grab an eye on some tips and suggestions to design an eSports logo. 

Understand the Psychology of Color 

Colors hold immense importance because they directly influence the audience and how they build perception towards your eSports business. It helps in conveying the brand message on a broader scale. In addition to that, the colors are one that elicits emotions and feelings. There is no need to go for a logo with shocking pink color for games like Apex Legends, Call of Duty War Zone, or any other similar game. There is a need to go for vibrant colors like red, black, and gradients from the same color palette for such games. There is no need to go for colors because you just simply love them. There is a need to go for using retro colors if you are into playing retro games. You can search for color psychology over Google and can find out the patterns for evoking emotions and other associations. 

Make Your Logo Simple 

If you want your logo to connect with the audience instantly, then there is a need to make it simple and not messy. If your logo is complex, then it would be less memorable. The logo needs not to be cluttered but simple to make it workable. There isn’t a need to add too many images and fonts styles. By making it simple, you would be able to showcase your brand’s personality effortlessly. If the design logo is simple, then the audience won’t have to glaze their eyes over the design. Most of the biggest brands come with a simple logo, which makes it recognizable and memorable. The logo of the mobile phone company Apple is a classic example of it. Simple ideas mostly lead your brand’s logo to be timeless. 

Be Unique 

There is a need to do a little research over YouTube and or Google to look for the logos of other gamers in your desired niche. If there are logos that have incorporated a dragon in them, then there is a red flag for it and never use it in your logo because you would not be able to stand out from them. The logo needs to be unique and easily recognizable. If you use the same colors or themes, then it is for sure that the success boat will be missed. However, if you still feel that a dragon needs to be added to your logo, then there is a need to invest in it. Alongside, you would need to make that dragon different from others to give it a distinctive touch. The audience is quite smart, and they believe that if you aren’t good at giving an original touch to the logo, then you will surely not be good at giving original content to them for consumption. 

Bottom Line 

There is a need to think forward when you are designing a good and creative logo. Along with that, also make sure that your logo is responsive and that it may get adjustable on any device or medium. You need to create your logo in various dimensions and PNG formats. In addition to that, also test your logo on social media platforms, merchandise, and other channels to make it versatile and flexible. 

In the last analysis, the gaming or eSports logo needs to be curated so that it must captivate the audience’s attention. You can use the Logo Maker for this purpose. The editing tool comes with a premade templates, and you can use them for creating one for your own channel or playable games. 

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