Symbolism and History of Famous Brand Logos

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May 4, 2021/

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A recognizable symbol, everlasting appearance, and a perfect layout, are the three essential traits that make a terrific business logo. When we look at the logos of popular brands, they inspire us at a first glimpse. A logo is the first thing that an audience notices; people are attracted to a brand due to its emblem more than its name. What extra spark do the famous brands add into their logos that develops an intense association with their customers? Well, for figuring this out, we have come up with this blog to discuss the symbolism and history of famous brand logos.

Before crafting a logo, you must look into how famous brands came up with the visual emblems that have helped them attract a wide audience and earn their loyalty. Without any further ado, let’s get started!

Sneak-Peak into Famous Brand Logos’ Stories

1.      Amazon

Amazon is the hub of online marketing, and at a first glimpse, its simple-looking logo speaks all about it. In Amazon’s logo, you can see a curved arrow starting from ‘a’ and ending on ‘z’ that tells us about the availability of products from a to z on this portal. The yellow-colored arrow also depicts a smile that conveys the message of customers’ satisfaction and the happiness they feel after shopping with Amazon.

2.      FedEx

Colors psychology plays a significant role when it comes to the branding of a business, and no one has used colors better than FedEx. FedEx offers different products to the customers, and to differentiate them, it changes the color of its logo smartly. Now, most of us are familiar with the basic color scheme of FedEx, i.e., Fed in purple and Ex in orange, but this color scheme only represents its express service. The color of “Fed” has been maintained by the business, but the “Ex” color is changed to reflect its different aspects. For example, the Ex in red color represents its freight service, and the Ex in yellow color signifies the trade networks service.

3.      Mercedes-Benz

Over time, the car companies opt to change their logos, but Mercedes-Benz has remained consistent with its visual emblem for over a century. Its simple star-shaped logo speaks more than you actually know, as the three prongs within its symbol represent the segments of the automotive industry, which are land, sea, and air. The silver color of the logo evokes proficiency and conventionality alongside the quality. The typeface used in this brand is curved and thin to represent elegance and luxury.

4.      Toblerone

Toblerone is a world-famous chocolate brand, and its logo features a mountain alongside its brand name. The uniqueness of this logo is the hidden bear inside the mountain that represents the locality of the place from where this chocolate originates. Toblerone is produced in the capital city of Switzerland, Bern, which is also referred as the City of Bears.

5.      Audi

Another car company, Audi, also uses silver as the base color in its logo. The four connecting rings in Audi’s logo represent the merging of four automakers that merged back in 1932. The hidden meaning in this world-famous brand’s logo alongside metallic coloring gives the impression of luxury and high-class performance you can find in its well-engineered vehicles.

That’s It!

The symbolism and history of famous brand logos are of great help for the people looking forward to stepping into any industry. You can read how the top 5 brands of different industries have used colours, symbols, and text in their logos to become pioneers. They are truly an inspiration for start-ups, small and medium level enterprises, and other businesses. So you should must use their stories as inspiration before designing your own logo.

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