Most Common Logo Design Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

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October 20, 2021/

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Many people believe that logo designing is easy and simple, even if you are not a professional designer. The individuals who believe in this misconception usually don’t associate with the designing field, and the statement they make is completely an arrow in the air. However, the reality is far away from such false beliefs. Designing a catchy and professional emblem is an uphill task. It’s quite tedious and needs massive research, knowledge, and forethought. But, even a professional and highly skilled designer sometimes gets into trouble due to small mistakes and oversights that sabotage the entire logo design. Therefore, it is essential to know about people’s mistakes while designing a visual emblem.

This blog post will uncover the most common logo design mistakes and how you can avoid them easily. It is suggested to read the blog till the end to have a better understanding of the topic.

Not Doing Enough Research

Designing an inspiring logo is primarily a communication challenge for a brand. You need to conduct analysis of various companies’ logos and the story behind them before giving your designers the task of crafting the emblem. You cannot simply start designing without having appropriate information or an idea of what you really want to craft. But, how can we convey a brand’s statement or essence with an image? You might be having this question in your mind right now. Well, to do this adequately, you have to conduct deep research. An extensive examination of different platforms will provide you with enough information that let you get familiar with the elements that must be added to your brand’s logo and what shouldn’t. It is also important to mention here that the relevance of imagery structures with your brand is a must and can’t be compromised. Else, you won’t get the results you might be seeking from your emblem. 

To ensure that you have done comprehensive research, conduct a brand audit survey that clearly defines your business goals and objectives. Then, discuss it with your designers to bring them on the same page. Later, you should initiate the logo designing process.

Wrong Selection of Colors

An excellent color scheme is one of the most integral parts of a visual emblem. Eye-catching color uplifts the attractiveness of a logo and makes it more appealing for the viewers.

A common mistake that many professional designers often make is related to the wrong selection of colors. Undoubtedly, logos should be colorful and vibrant, but the logo designer must understand that not all colors can get along with a design. In addition, the brand’s niche and relevance with the logo structure must be kept in mind while picking up color.

The best way to choose the most appropriate colors for your logo is by keeping a look at your competitors. This study will give a clear idea of the suitable colors with your brand’s logo that won’t feel irrelevant at all.

Designing an Inflexible Logo

A logo is the face of a company and will be a critical part of its marketing strategy. Your visual emblem will be used on different mediums, including smartphones, computers, tablets, or brochures, etc. If your logo isn’t flexible enough to support all the platforms, then you must modify it. In addition, you need to ensure that your logo doesn’t look complex or overstuffed when used in different sizes or at any medium. 

The easiest way to get rid of this issue is to make mockups for web and print assets to get an idea of how well your logo will be displayed. In addition, exploring the web to find the ideas of flexible logos will be a great help for you.

Using the Similar Typography for Logo and Brand Content

The typography you want to keep in your visual emblem must indeed be simple and easy to read. But, it doesn’t mean to have the same typography for your logo that you have used in your content. For instance, the Calibri, Arial, 12 points, etc., shouldn’t be used in the logo. The reason is quite simple; your logo must be distinctive, exclusive, and clearly represent your brand’s visual language.

It is suggested to have a look at the typefaces of the leading brand’s logo and take inspiration from them while designing a logo.


As you have observed by reading this blog, there are numerous mistakes that most designers make while designing logos. These mistakes must be avoided to craft a catchy and captivating visual emblem for your brand. You will also get simple tips to prevent yourself from making such mistakes by following the solutions given in this blog. You can also take assistance from an online logo maker for crafting a premium and unique logo for your business within a short span.

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