Illustrative VS. Iconic: Which Logo Suits You More?

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September 7, 2021/

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It is quite essential to choose the right type of logo design for the success of your brand. The latest advancements in marketing campaigns are turning out to be more abstract, and connecting with your potential audience through a Logo is what everyone dreams of these days. When it comes, illustrative logo designs are way more complex and harder to design. If you want to create a recalling aspect with your brand, illustrative could be the best solution. The illustrative Logo goes beyond iconic depiction. It is quite a detail-oriented logo that is awe-inspiring and lets the users know more about your brand’s personality. The elements of the illustrative Logo could be utilized in stationary and other promotional material. The enclosed emblem-style logos are also one of the forms of illustrative Logos. Besides that, an iconic Logo is more about integrating simplicity with a clever representation of a product or service. Along with that, there are no details in the iconic Logo, and they are more of an abstract representation. 

Moreover, whether you are going to launch a startup business or looking ahead to go for rebranding, whatever the case is, there’s a special need to focus on the logo design. You cannot take it for granted, as the logo designing process is the baseline of branding. You would need to invest your time and energy in a logo that could penetrate your potential audience’s consciousness. However, many designers and online logo maker utilities also provide the option to create an amalgamation of iconic and illustrative Logos to make them more attractive. 

Illustrative Logo Design 

The first thing that needs to be considered is to look for the type of logo design. You’ll have to work on the color, font, and objects that can be utilized for this purpose. However, you need to have a clear understanding of the type of logo design. If you want the design to be more explicit and clear enough to convey the design’s meaning, you need to go for an illustrative logo. It will depict your brand’s story on a broader scale. The Logo itself will portray what your brand’s ambitions and visions are and where they ultimately fall. If you are about to run a small business and want to introduce your brand to the potential audience, then it needs to be broad in its very essence, but the conciseness must not be skipped at any cost. Let’s get to know about the pros and cons of an illustrative logo design. 


Pros of Illustrative Logo Design 

The illustration of a business helps a lot in branding your business on a wide scale. It makes sure that the designs complement your goals and aspirations. If you want to go for a sharp and modern design, then going for vector-based illustration isn’t a bad idea. While on the other hand, if your brand has a soft image, then the hand-drawn style will suit you the most. You will be able to completely portray your brand story to your audience. The illustrative logo design will directly hit your audience’s consciousness, and they will be able to grab what are your brand’s hidden goals and ambitions. 

  1. Illustrative Logo depicts a story 
  2. It stands with your audience 
  3. Simple but the ability to convey the true essence of the brand
  4. Ability tailor according to your business needs


Cons of Illustrative Logo Design 

Over here, a question arises: if the illustrative design is that useful, then why do most people not like it. The reason is quite simple; the illustrative designs are time-intensive, which ultimately increases the overall cost. Initially, from a branding aspect, such designs seem to be more attractive. However, startups and small businesses aren’t able to invest a hefty chunk of amount and time into the logo designing process. Moreover, there are scenarios where it becomes almost impossible to align the design with futuristic designs. The illustrative designs occupy more space, and it becomes difficult to adjust the resolution when there’s a need to get it printed on stationery and other such material. Therefore, the logo design could not be suitable in some cases. 

  1. Occupies Additional Space
  2. Expensive to create a stunning illustrative design 
  3. Hurdles in integrating on small-size promotional material 
  4. Requires thorough research about your brand’s personality 


Iconic Logo Design 

The iconic logos are more of a non-typographic design. They usually come with visual identification of a brand. There could be figurative or abstract dimensions of an iconic design. It could be a wordmark or a combination with a graphic mark. The traits of an iconic design aren’t confined to a limited set of rules but stretch far more than a person can imagine. The first and foremost thing that comes to mind after thinking of an iconic design is its simplicity. Over here, you need to bear in mind that simplicity doesn’t mean it is boring, but the Logo is more about not being complicated. Along with that, the iconic representation should be appropriate and must not deviate from the core essence of the business needs. It must have an intent to target the right audience. The iconic logo design must not portray a particular period of time It must be timeless. It is the hardest trait to achieve, but there you should make your Logo relevant at any given time. Let’s dig out the pros and cons of iconic logo design. 

Pros of Iconic Logo Design 

 Iconic Logo is in trend these days, and most people go for it due to its simplicity, versatility, and distinctive traits. The iconic pictorial representation makes it easy to be memorable for the audience. Along with that, the versatility makes it more adjustable on all the platforms and tangible items. The versatility of the Logo makes it more adjustable vertically and horizontally on any given application. The distinctive nature of the iconic Logo also makes it more attractive and memorable for the audience. Therefore, if you want to integrate uniqueness and simplicity into the design, then going for an iconic design won’t be a bad option. 

  1. Simplicity
  2. Versatility 
  3. Distinctiveness
  4. Timeless 


Cons of Iconic Design 

Many people often argue that iconic designs aren’t as feasible as illustrative designs. It becomes difficult to portray the meaning of the Logo. The logos are simple but not explicit and lack the essence to depict the true hidden meaning. Along with that, the iconic logo design also makes it difficult to accumulate the brand’s personality into a single graphic image. Therefore, people don’t prefer to go for such logos and opt for a more illustrative and eye-catching design. 

  1. Lack of meaning to convey 
  2. Purposeless 
  3. Clichéd symbols 
  4. Vagueness at its core


Final Words 

In the last analysis, a logo design is no doubt an essential aspect of a business. However, there is a need to decide what type of logo design will suit your business the most. If you want a simple and memorable logo, then the best option would be an iconic logo. However, an illustrative logo is suitable for people who want to convey meaning through their logo design. Therefore, you first need to formulate your marketing strategy and come up with a tactical plan and decide the brand’s personality for choosing the type of Logo you want to represent your business. Whatever your preference is, Logo Maker can help you designing a potential logo for your brand.

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