How Logo Design Psychologically Hits the Consumers?

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September 22, 2021/

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Whenever you are wondering about the leading brands in the market, the names like Apple, Coca-Cola, Gucci, Starbucks, and many others might go through your mind. But it’s not just their names that are popping in your subconscious; in actual, their logo designs are also hitting you as soon as you think about them. That’s the power of a logo design for any company, be it a local or world-recognized brand! If you are looking forward to setting your groundings in any marketplace, it’s essential to come up with a logo design that will capture your audience’s attention and possess the power to be remembered for a long-lasting time. However, many people don’t take this fact seriously, and their lack of responsiveness doesn’t bring any good to their businesses.

If you are eager to learn how logo design psychologically hits the consumers, you have landed at the right spot. In this blog, we will help you discover the reasons behind the inevitable importance of logo design for creating a psychological impact on the minds of consumers. By going through all these reasons, you will be able to decipher how logo designs have changed the fortunes of the leading brands in the world and what they can do for you. So without any further delay, let’s get started!

Psychological Impact of Logo Design Elements on Consumers

Now you might be wondering what’s the core element in logo design that influences consumers. A logo design is based on three main elements, which include shape, color, and font; each of these logo design elements has an individual role in psychologically hitting the buyers. So let’s delve into each of them in detail.


Whether it’s an abstract, minimal, or any other type of logo, each of them has a shape that depicts several aspects of a business. A question might pop in your mind whether the logos based entirely on textual words also have shape. Yes, they have! The three main types of logo shapes include geometric, organic, and abstract. Each of these types has a distinct psychological impact on consumers.

The geometric shapes are made by humans, such as squares, triangles, circles, etc. All geometric shapes portray different aspects, such as squares and rectangles used in a logo design convey the strengths of a business that include reliability, stability, and predictability.

Now coming down to the organic shapes, they can be anything that exists in nature. Medical businesses need to create a soothing effect on the mind of consumers; therefore, they can opt for this category of shapes for getting a positive and fruitful outcome.

The businesses that are targeting a specific culture should opt for abstract shapes. However, if they are used ordinarily, they can make your business appear unprofessional. You need to be very careful while selecting an abstract shape for your logo design. For instance, a heart symbol can be used to represent relationships and love. If your product is directly targeting this audience, you must go for this symbol. Otherwise, you can use other types of shapes to influence consumers accordingly.


Depending upon the niche of your brand, the consumers may have certain expectations from your business that can be fulfilled with its logo design. In logo design, font plays a crucial role, whether you’re using it for a tagline or your entire logo is based on words. You need to think of your business’s nature and pick a font that can psychologically hit the consumers. For instance, a legal firm needs to portray maturity, stability, and trustworthy factors to its consumers. Such a business must go for the traditional fonts like Times New Roman or Arial.

On the contrary, a restaurant needs to be more casual and depict a happy mood that cannot be achieved through traditional fonts. For influencing the audience towards your restaurant, you need a font that portrays a comfortable atmosphere around your setting that can be achieved with the fonts like Comic Sans.


Colors have the most valuable contribution in a logo design towards psychologically impacting the consumers as they possess the power to trigger certain emotions. Every color is associated with a different culture, mood, and emotion, and the viewers perceive the colors in a logo design very seriously. For instance, you will never see a healthcare logo in red or black colors, as they demonstrate totally opposite meanings. While selecting a color for the healthcare or medical logo, you should opt for green, as this color is associated with wellness and peace.

Similarly, each color represents different traits of a business which directly influences the purchasing behavior of the consumers. For example, a black logo represents the authority that would be the best fit for a law firm.

That’s it!

Each of the elements in a logo design has the power to psychologically hit the consumers. Therefore, you should never tolerate this fact and design your business’s logo accordingly and our Logo maker will help you attain this goal. If you do not pay proper attention towards designing an impactful logo, you will never be able to stand out from the competitors in the market.


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