Common Logo Design Mistakes to Avoid

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July 11, 2023/

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The exposure of businesses is no longer limited to a certain number of people, as the accessibility of the internet allows them to target wider audiences. It’s mainly an advantage for them to grow exponentially, but establishing a vivid brand image has become more than essential. You need to become conscious of it because reaching new audiences means inviting a wider pool of potential customers to judge your brand. Simply put, expanding your business narrows your chances of making mistakes.

Creating an ordinary logo design is usually the biggest mistake made by startups that cause their failure soon after arrival in the market. A logo works as your brand’s identity, and it won’t be wrong to consider it a focal point that either makes or breaks it. To prevent this nuisance, it’s essential to learn the common logo design mistakes to avoid. 

Whether you’re looking forward to designing a new logo or revamping an existing one, you should know what needs to be avoided in the logo design process. 

Instead of scratching your head, go through this blog till the end. Below you’ll find the errors many brands make and the reasons behind avoiding them. So, let’s uncover them without any further ado!

Not Conducting Enough Research

Logo designing isn’t just about beautifying your brand identity; a well-curated logo possesses the power to convey the brand message. Many don’t realize the importance of a logo and don’t pay much heed to designing it. 

They look at the competitors and try curating a similar logo. If you aren’t conducting proper research for logo creation, you’re making a big mistake. 

You cannot design a good logo for your brand without knowing your audience’s preferences and the factors that set you apart from the competition. In the research phase, you should keenly understand the distinctive traits of your brand that can be conveyed through a logo design. It will allow you to pass on the correct information to designers and let the creativity flow out of them in the direction you desire.

Poor Font Selection

Choosing an incorrect font is another major mistake to avoid in your logo design, especially for brands not looking forward to including icons or shapes. In letter-based logos, the only thing that the targeted audience will notice is the text itself. However, the poor font selection won’t allow you to leave a good and lasting impact on the minds of potential customers.

You need to know that every font comes with a different meaning. If you want the audience to understand what message your business conveys, you must pick fonts adequately. For instance, serif fonts can be used to make a sophisticated and traditional impression. Similarly, you can use various fonts to reflect your business’s nature, such as elegance, friendliness, innovation, etc. 

Just Following Trends

Your brand logo should communicate what your business is about. Following trendy ideas is a mistake that needs to be avoided. When you start your research for a logo, most options will be related to trending designs. You must avoid them and focus on what you want to showcase in your brand identity. 

If you stick to following trends, you won’t be able to set yourself apart from the competition. Moreover, it’s a known fact that trends don’t stay forever, but you won’t desire your business to become obsolete with them! A trendy design may promise to deliver good results in the short term, but it won’t be a good option if you wish to gain the best outcomes in the long run. That’s why you should avoid relying on trends when designing a logo. 

No Balance in Colors

Understanding color harmony is crucial for designing an outstanding emblem for your business. You should know that every color represents a meaning, and the right choice of colors can evoke emotions in your targeted audience. As many people are unaware of this fact, they design a funky logo with no colour balance. You need to avoid this mistake, as without the right colors, your logo design won’t contain any meaning in the eyes of the audience.

For this reason, we recommend you design your logo in black and white first. When your logo design is completed, and there is no distraction in the design, you can try out multiple color combinations until you find the right balance. In addition, you also need to understand the nature of your brand, as you can quickly figure out the colors to choose by knowing it. For example, the brand selling natural products can use green color, as green is considered dominant to nature. 

Using Generic Symbols

Just like color and font are important in reflecting the nature of a business, the symbols or icons are no different. A common logo design mistake designers make in this process is the selection of generic symbols from stock libraries. When you use ordinary symbols, they don’t add value to your brand’s logo. Every brand has some values, and you can easily find icons that can represent your values in the best possible manner.

You might think that the symbols will always remain generic, as you need help to come up with something distinct. Undoubtedly, it’s true, but adding innovation to symbols can still resonate with your brand. For instance, the cafes are most likely to use cutlery icons in their emblems, but that will be too generic. Moulding these icons into imagery to help the audience understand what kind of food is served in your café can work as a perfect identity for your brand.

Final Thoughts

By taking care of the mistakes discussed above, you can nail down this process and create a memorable logo for your brand. If you don’t have design knowledge and still wish to create a logo on your own, you can try taking inspiration from the logo ideas offered by 

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