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August 2, 2021/

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If someone asks you to design an infographic, you will surely not start with a blank Microsoft Word sheet or a blank paper. You would need to start from scratch, but adequate research would surely make a considerable difference. All of us are well-versed that banner ads are a lucrative medium, but the ROI needs to be managed keenly. Several brands utilize banner ads for generating high-quality traffic for converting them into leads and ultimately sales. Some of the e-commerce giants like Amazon and eBay are among the few brands that make use of banner advertising. Right banners for the right audience could surely do wonders. All you need is to strategically utilize the banner ads to make it rewarding and lucrative. Over the years, marketing trends have changed dramatically. However, it is quite competitive, and the advertisers need to be smart enough to make it through it. 

In this blog post, we’ll learn how banner advertising works. It will also help you out in various ways to target the right audience by utilizing banner ads for reaching out to your potential prospects. 

Targeted Banner Advertising 

The word targeting itself depicts that you need to channelize your banner advertisement. You will have to come up with various variables for standing out in the market. It could be the demographics like age, gender, education, marital status, language, and above all, location. You will have to dig out how they behave online to show them the right banner ads. You can collect their information through Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel Search. The banner advertisement is more often based on demographics for generating quality results. Now, you have got to know about the targeted banner advertising. At this moment, you need to know how to reach out to a potential audience. 

Keywords for Targeted Banner Advertisement 

Keywords are the baseline of digital marketing, and banner advertisements aren’t immune from it. Most marketers believe that keywords are among the few tactics that will surely help multiply your marketing efforts. If you are using the right keywords, then it will get aligned with your content marketing needs. It will also assist you in getting to know that your audience is interested in your ads or not. For example, the advertisement of t-shirts on fashion blogs will surely generate leads and sales. 

Subject for Targeting the Audience  

If you have chosen a specific subject, then the ad networks will show your advertisement to the right audience. Let’s take the same example of the t-shirt; if you have selected the right subject, Google and other ad networks will show your ads on the relevant websites.

Banner Advertisement with Right Placement

The banner advertisement with Google is quite flexible and allows you to place the ads appropriately. Websites have already allocated spaces to display your ads, but you need to craft your banner ads in a way that it could only be displayed in the banner form at the top, center, or at the end of a webpage. 

Geo-Targeting Banner Advertisement 

Let’s simply put it simply: geo-targeting means that you need to target a specific audience based on their geographical location. It is the most widely used form of advertisement, as you can easily know the interest of your audience. Geo-optimization is part of the geo-targeting advertisement. It helps advertisers show their ad in particular geolocation by using zip codes, city, state, country, etc. The method is more effective for event advertisements with a broader audience. It also helps the advertisers to show their ads on selected devices.

Give a Sense of Urgency

You need to use a bold color scheme to develop a sense of urgency. The banner ads must not be subtle. The color scheme must be in contrast with the actual message. For example, you are selling out gardening tools; then you would need to use green color and contrast it with a stunning gradient. The textual message should also be targeting the actual needs of the audience to create urgency among them. 

Search Retargeting for Banner Advertisement 

Similar to keyword targeting, search retargeting works the same way. It allows the advertisers to target the audience that is searching for particular key phrases. It works to target the audience by selecting keywords through particular search volumes by their relevance to the campaigns. 

Develop Consistency in Your Banner Designs 

It is quite sure that your banner ads will be linked with a landing page. You would need to make sure that your ads must match with your landing page for the sake of branding. It is to cater to the needs of your potential prospects so that they must not get confused. 

Use of Animation 

You would be amazed to know that animated banner ads perform better than static banner ads. It could be quite effective in website banner designs. However, you need to make sure that the audience must not distract from the actual message. You can use simple animations that should not last more than 15 seconds. Along with that, the animation must not loop more than three times. Over here, also make sure that the last frame must be a clear call-to-action. 

Maintenance of Hierarchy 

The banner ads rely upon the balance within each ad. Therefore, you need to keep a watch on your hierarchy. If you want to create brand awareness, then banner ads need to be considered keenly. It will not only drive traffic to your website but will help you in generating leads and sales. Your banner ad should have the below-mentioned components: 

·     Your Brand’s Logo

 You need to add your business logo to the banner to create awareness and recognition among the audience. However, it needs to be visually dominant but not as much as value proposition and call-to-action. 

·    Value Proposition 

The value proposition is the product and service you are offering with discount prices. It is the most basic and simultaneously advanced thing that makes your banner ads successful. You could depict anything; it might be a 50% discount or offer of a high-quality product or service. It should occupy most of the space in your ad and must be visible to the audience. 

·    Call-To-Action 

The call-to-action is a button that allows the users to click. Banner ads are by default clickable. However, there are users that aren’t aware of it. Therefore, you will need to make sure it is clickable by placing a textual button. You can use different terms for this purpose like “Get Started,” “Watch Now,” “Learn More,” and if you want to be more specific, then you can use the term “Buy Now.” It must be the clear and focal point of your ad.

Ad Networks for Advertisers 

After you understand the banner ad campaigns, you also need to build an understanding of the banner ad networks. It will determine the results of your banner advertisements. Over here, you need to choose cost-effective networks and have the potential to reach a wide group target audience. You will have to draw a comparative analysis while opting for the ad network. You need to make sure that your brand is exposed to a wider audience. The advertisers also need to move in a direction that could ensure to put the ad budget within confines for generating better results. Ad budget is quite essential to consider to keep the return on investment ROI in equilibrium. 

Final Words 

You need to be quite conscious about the ad budget. We haven’t discussed that in this particular post. However, we will discuss it sometime later in another blog post. Though, you need to be cognizant about your ad budget for making it profitable. It is due to the fact that the opportunities are endless, and you need to carry on the journey in a balanced way. We are sure that the above-mentioned ways would help you make your marketing campaign successful. However, these are the current strategies that are deployed for making the marketing campaigns successful. You will need to stay in touch with advanced technologies to compete in the market. 

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